T. Y. Kramer


 + 31 6 44 90 01 83

Msc. grad. student High-Tech engineering

Being a Msc. High-Tech engineering graduate student, Timothy currently focusses on his Master thesis for which he optimizes linear motors specifically for low-duty CNC machines. These motors are applied to the coming Tesseract Technologies high-speed printer. He has great ideas for upcoming products in the field of automation that could bring the company to the next level.

K. K. Baggers


 + 31 6 34 33 64 43

Msc. student Engineering and Policy Analysis

Being a Msc. Technology, Policy and Management student, Kevin has thorough knowledge regarding business modelling/handling and legal aspects. Furthermore, Kevin has experience regarding optimization of production lines, which we intend to provide as a service. His vision for the company is a structured, yet highly efficient and productive company.