In 10 years 3D printers are faster; more integrated in production lines and shall have a larger scope of application than today. Wherein this development, high-speed cost-effective positioning systems play an integral role.


At Tesseract Technologies, we bring state-of-the-art technologies in the scope of automation, in order to revolutionize the way we fabricate. We develop dedicated systems that are precise, fast and cost-effective to boost the effectiveness of Manufacturing!


In 10 years, we are market leader in the professional 3D printer market and have a significant impact on automation industries.

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Tesseract technologies develops a FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) 3D printer that uses a dedicated CNC (Computer Numerical Control) positioning system based on linear motors. The usage of these linear motors is what sets Tesseract technologies apart from the competition, which allows the user to print up to 5 if not 10 times faster, with better accuracy, yet being cost effective.


The majority of FDM 3D printers use a belt driven system, which has its limitations on acceleration and speed. By replacing this system by a direct-drive allows us to exceed these limits. The only draw-back for these motors is cost, which Tesseract technologies tackles by optimizing these motors specifically for CNC machines. Thereby this printer can be up to an order of a magnitude faster, which enables high output, for less than double the investment. The 3D print market is fast growing and thereby the demand for 3D printers increases rapidly the coming years.


The increased speed, output and precision is interesting for different firms. Engineering firms have an advantage due to reduced printing times, which increases productivity. 3D print services have the benefit of higher output and due to high precision, this product could be used in the High-Tech industry.


The printer is compared to the competition, and the economic benefits of the high output related to the investment is emphasized. The production process of the customer may be modelled in a simulation model, which clearly shows the advantages in cost and time savings. Lastly, we demonstrate the printer to prospects and multiple conferences regarding the 3D printing industry.